Scientific Executives

As a scientific executive, the service unit for Human Resources Development and Vocational Training (PEBA) offers you a wide range of education and training opportunities. In addition to offers for individual coaching, there are also interesting further education courses as part of the so-called Leadership Workshops (e.g. on the topic of unconscious bias in everyday leadership). In particular, the Leadership Development Program ("Führungskräfteentwicklungsprogramm", FKEP) should be mentioned here, which aims to teach leadership skills in a systematic and structured manner.

As a KIT junior research group leader or junior professor, the Young Investigator Network (YIN) could also be relevant for you. The network, founded in 2008, offers an exclusive advanced training program for its members. The continuing education program addresses the central issues leadership, management and personal development and was developed in close collaboration with PEBA.

There is also a comprehensive range of further education offered by the Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training (FTU) FTU. Here, the following topics could be of particular interest to you:

  • Human resources management (e.g. conflict management and leadership of teams)
  • Communication (e.g. the voice as a door opener)



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Human Resources Development and Vocational Training

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Young Investigator Network


Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training