An important component for communication in PoF IV is SynCom (Synthesis and Communication platform). SynCom is a synthesis and knowledge communication initiative of the Research Field focusing on cross-topical integration from all centers involved in the Research Field Earth and Environment. The objective is to bring all nine Topics and also Cross-Cutting Activities (CCAs) into a strategic and reflective framework and to increase the societal relevance of the research therein. The enhancement of knowledge transfer is a central goal in Helmholtz Association and in the Pact for Research and Innovation.

The following three overarching objectives are defined for SynCom:

  • Synthesis of scientific knowledge based on expert understanding of subsystems to support progress towards the Program’s scientific goals and beyond.
  • Organizing dialogue with society and stakeholders to communicate integrated Earth system information and increase societal impact as well as to incorporate societal demands when addressing grand challenges, e.g. managing the energy transition, adaptation to climate change, dealing with natural hazards and cascading extreme events.
  • Fostering and coordination of knowledge synthesis within the Helmholtz-internal and wider Earth system research community.

For this purpose, SynCom makes use of various instruments (e.g. workshops, symposia, task forces...).