Young investigator groups

Currently five young investigator groups are hosted at KIT in the Research Field Earth and Environment.
  Group name Group leader Institute Funding period, funded by

© M. Klose

A big unknown in the climate impact of atmospheric aerosol: Mineral soil dust Dr. Martina Klose IMK-TRO 2020-2026, HGF

© E. Järvinen

Solving the Cirrus Cloud Puzzle: Do Cirrus Warm or Cool our Climate? Dr. Emma Järvinen IMK-AAF 2020-2026, HGF

© P. Brown

Climate change and land-use impacts on European bumblebee populations Dr. Penelope Whitehorn IMK-IFU 2020-2021

© KIT-Fotostelle, A. Bramsiepe

Large-scale Dynamics and Predictability Dr. Christian Grams IMK-TRO 2017-2022, HGF

© A. Voigt

Cloud-radiative interactions with the North Atlantic storm track Dr. Aiko Voigt IMK-TRO 2016-2022, BMBF


 Former groups
Group name Group leader Institute Funding period, funded by
Forests out of balance: The influence of extreme events on the carbon and water cycle Dr. Nadine Rühr IMK-IFU 2016-2020, DFG
Predictive models for extremes and high impact weather under climate change - PREMIUM Dr. Samiro Khodayar IMK-TRO 2014-2019, BMBF
Capturing all relevant scales of biosphere-atmosphere exchange Dr. Matthias Mauder IMK-IFU 2012-2018, HGF
Remote Sensing of Greenhouse Gases for Carbon Cycle Modelling - RemoteC Prof Dr. Andre Butz IMK-ASF 2011-2016, DFG
Multiplatform remote sensing of isotopologues for investigating the cycle of atmospheric water - MUSICA Dr. Matthias Schneider IMK-ASF 2011-2016, ERC
Solar variability, climate, and the role of the mesosphere / lower thermosphere Dr. Miriam Sinnhuber IMK-ASF 2011-2016, HGF
Aerosol effects on cloud ice, precipitation and climate Prof. Dr. Corinna Hoose IMK-AAF 2010-2016, HGF