If you are interested in meteorology and climate research, then studying meteorology at KIT might be the right option for you. You can find everything you need to know about the study courses on the website of the IMK-TRO. For general information about studying at KIT, you can also visit the website of the Studenierendenservice.

It is also possible to gain experience in the field of meteorology and climate research in the form of practical internships or within the framework of a Voluntary Ecological Year ("Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr", FÖJ). You can find more information about our main research focus under Research or on the websites of the IMK-AAF, IMK-ASF, IMK-IFU and IMK-TRO. In the next step, it is easiest to contact the respective institute or working group directly. 

We also offer to give a lecture on our current topics in atmospheric research at your school. Contact one of the program management team if you are interested. 

Researchers from the "Changing Earth - Sustaining our Future" program also regularly take part in initiatives such as Girls' Day or the KIT children's university ("KIT Kinder-Uni"). Further offers at KIT for pupils can also be found on the homepage of the Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training

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Studying Meteorology and Climate Physics

 Bachelor and Master courses

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Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training