Collaboration with strategic partners

Name of strategic partner

Fields of cooperation

Joint efforts + perspectives

German Weather Service (DWD)


Research ST 1.1 / ST 1.2 / ST 1.3 [associated Partner of ATMO Program since 2013, formal agree-ment 2019]
Knowledge Transfer



Joint projects in weather and composition forecast, decada climate predicition, ICOS, convective scale data assimiliation; climate services
Joint model development + implementation

German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Research ST 1.1 / ST 1.2 / ST 1.3 [associated Partner of ATMO Program 2004-08, since 2013]


Joint aircraft campaigns (HALO); middle atmosphere dynamics + greenhousegas remote sensing from ground-based platforms (TCCON, CoCCON) and satellites (GOSAT, OCO-2, MERLIN, G3E).
Joint model development + implementation


Peking University


Research ST 1.1
Knowledge Transfer
Talent Management
Close collaboration since 2004, MoU since 2009 and extended 2014



Regional air pollution control - Impact in Chinese Air Quality actions; atmospheric measurements
`International Joint Lab on Regional Pollution Control´ (IJRC) with PKU (2019), Student and postdoc exchange



Research ST 1.2
MoU since 2012, extended 2017 until 2023


Joint aircraft campaigns; modeling of lang use change imoacts on exosystems and climate; T1 scientists are sole European partners of new NCAR Antarctic campaign SOCRATES


University of Leeds


Research ST 1.2 / ST 1.3
Talentmanagement / Education
Long-standing collaboration, MoU signed 2019


Aerosol-cloud processes; Africa research, major field experiments
Exchange of students, postgraduates and staff (Summer schools on Ph.D. level, Erasmus)


Consultative Group on International Argricultural Research (CGIAR) Institutes


Research ST 1.2
Talentmanagement / Education
Long-term co-operation since 2000 (IRRI, ILRI)



Obersavations and modeling of GHG effectiveness for agricultural management practices and land use change; joint projects and operation of research laboratories
Exchange of cientists (20 years); joint aupport of Ph.D. students